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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

05-31-11 / Hebrews 11 – Living a Memorable Life….

05-31-11 / Hebrews 11 – Living a Memorable Life….

This past Sunday was a sermon that was aimed right at me. I know it was meant for the men and women that serve our country but I took it as a sermon meant for my Thomas. As soon as the pastor said he would be preaching on how to live a memorable life, I couldn’t get my baby boy out of my head. He read from Hebrews, the entire 11th chapter to be exact. I have to admit my mind wandered from time to time as he was reading but for the most part I followed along. Most of what he read didn’t really apply to Thomas directly but as he summed things up, it became abundantly clear to me what type of person my boy is. There came a point in the sermon where the pastor said there are 3 types of people and that we all fall into one of the 3 categories.

The person you try to forget – This is that person in your life that you wish you could wipe from your memory. This person has done nothing but cause pain and anguish to you or your family. For obvious reasons, you would not wish to be this person, but the sad truth is; there are plenty of these people in our lives.

The person you accidentally forget – This person is the one that has gone their entire life and made so little impact that you forget them on accident. Personally, I don’t wish to be this person either. I would hope that I have impacted someone’s life enough to be worth remembering.

The person you simply cannot forget – This is the person that you couldn’t forget even if you tried. This person has lived a life that is not only pleasing to you but one that is pleasing to God. This person has made mistakes, but has been humble enough to beg for forgiveness of those mistakes.

Figuring out which category you belong to might be tough, I’m sure those around you could assist you with that. I couldn’t say which category I belong to but I can say, without a single doubt, my Thomas is a person that people won’t easily forget. His little 3 day life impacted more people than mine ever will. I was beaming with pride throughout that entire sermon and left feeling so fulfilled; I am more than aware that the sermon was not about my baby boy, but it felt that way to me. As I struggle with the daily task of finding things that uplift me instead of bringing me down, Sunday was a day that I just felt uplifted.

That evening I received a text from my mom asking if I knew who had placed some purple and yellow flowers, a stuffed puppy and a note at Thomas’s grave; I hadn’t the slightest clue. None of our friends had mentioned going by there and we hadn’t put those items there either. Last week, Aaron and I had taken a garden butterfly and a solar powered lantern out there (so Thomas would never be in the dark), but those items weren’t there at that time. They had gone by there on Sunday to see how the grave looked with those things we had placed there and the flag that one of our family friends had placed out there for memorial day; that’s when they noticed the new additions. She sent me a picture of the grave and then a picture of the sweet note that was left; I was hoping to recognize the handwriting but neither of us did. The note simply said, “You are an angel that we have only met through your mommy. Rest peacefully little Thomas, we will always love you.” It was driving me crazy that I hadn’t the slightest clue who had left such a sweet message for my little one so I decided to resort to Facebook; I simply asked that the person that had left it please let me know who they were; she was kind enough to email me a little while later. The girl that had left this sweet gesture for Thomas was a girl that neither I, nor Aaron have ever met. She is just a precious soul that has been faithfully following our story. In her email she stated that she didn’t want to freak me out by leaving something there, as she was a perfect stranger. I shared with her that it meant so much more to me that it was from a person that had never met our family. I hope to find more things like this out there from time to time, from perfect strangers or those that know us well. After hearing the sermon on Sunday morning, these tiny gifts from a perfect stranger confirmed my thoughts about my Thomas and his life; he is certainly the type of person that you simply cannot forget; even if you only met him through a little blog that his mommy has written.

Thank you for loving my little angel!

Thank you for this! You know who you are!

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  1. I just caught up on your blog and I'm so sorry. I will be praying for you and your family. What an impact in this world your little Thomas has made. He really did complete his life's purpose in just a few short days. He will continue to touch lives forever. Thank you for sharing that sermon, it really touched me.

    Isn't it neat how sometimes "strangers" can be the most comforting? I find this true in our lives so much! My little Maddie Grace only lived for two days, but I love to think how many lives she has touched in those 2 short days. Their memories will live on forever.

    Our babies are not in our arms anymore but they will forever be in our hearts.

    I'm so sorry that you are walking this road. I wish I could take away your pain. No mother should have to go through this. Just stay strong and keep your faith in the Lord. He will help you.

    Praying for you and your precious family. <3