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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Women Have Abortions

January 19, 2012 / Good Women Have Abortions…..

I had no idea that Beaumont had an abortion clinic until we were at the heart of our situation with Thomas; if Aaron hadn’t gotten nosey one day I think I would still be living in blissful ignorance. He had to go do some blood-work at Quest Diagnostics one day last year, this was a part of the genetic testing we both had to have done, and he noticed a group of women standing outside of the building across the street holding pro-life signs and just HAD to stop and quiz them. He shared a small part of our story with them and traded emails with the lady that seemed to be leading this quiet protest. She was very intrigued by our situation and our CHOICE to not “terminate” our pregnancy, or in other words, our decision not to kill our child that others might have viewed as a “waste”. She talked with Aaron for quite a while asking him if he would be willing to speak at their little pro-life conventions and he quickly threw me under the bus saying that I’m the one that she needed to talk to about that; clearly I’m the talker in our home! I never got in touch with her, she contacted Aaron weekly, but I didn’t feel it was the right time for me to be speaking to the masses when I had no idea what my life held day in and day out. I avoided this opportunity like the plague and as selfish as that might seem, it was something I had to avoid in order to keep my sanity. Our choice to carry out a pregnancy that we had planned and was very much wanted was not something I felt needed to be used as a tool to talk others into making that same choice. For me, it wasn’t an option; we wanted our son, no matter how long we would have him.

Now that we are expecting baby #3 , I am making routine trips to Quest Diagnostic to have blood-work on a regular basis. I am only 4 ½ weeks pregnant and have now been 3 times to have blood drawn; seems a bit extreme, but necessary at the same time. The first time I went I noticed a sign on the abortion clinic that read, “Good Women Have Abortions.” To say that this bothered me is an understatement. I have seen it time and time again in my head and now 3 times in person; it’s haunting me to say the least. I stand firm on my belief that ABORTION IS WRONG! I do not agree with women having the option to kill a child that they willingly laid down and made; I realize they might not have laid down with that intention, but we all know how babies come to be and we also know how to prevent that. People might say what if she was raped? What if it’s incest? What if the baby has a fatal birth defect and won’t survive anyway? What if, what if what if?!? You can take any sin and justify it with the “what if’s” of this world and make it seem right; abortion is being used for birth control when there are many other options out there and it’s wrong. I have previously stated that there are some “grey” areas where abortion is concerned and I would like to elaborate on that. I have never been raped so I cannot speak for those girls that are cursed with a pregnancy as a result of being raped; I can say that there are couples out there dying for a healthy baby and can’t have one; they would love to take her curse and make it their blessing. I have never been in a position to carry a child from an incestuous “relationship” or “rape” and I cannot begin to imagine that nightmare; again, there are people that could benefit from the sacrifice of 40 weeks of this woman’s life. I can say that I have been faced with having to carry a child to full term, knowing far in advance that he would not live, unless God chose to perform a miracle; had I CHOSEN to abort my son, I would have missed out on one of the greatest blessings of my life. Doctors will present abortion as the easy way, the right way and will push it as the ONLY way to handle a pregnancy like that. I would now like to get around to the “grey” area of abortion. When we were first presented with abortion as our option for Thomas my first question to Dr. Sherman (who was not pushing for termination) and Dr. Reiter (who saw termination as the ONLY smart option) was, “am I in harms way?” What if they had said, “you could die carrying him to term”? What would I have done? Would I have made the same decision? Would I know what decision to make? I don’t know what would have happened!! I have said many times that one of the blessings I received in such a turmoil filled time of my life, was not having to choose my life over my child’s life. I was blessed with an easy decision! Carrying Thomas, knowing that he would die, was one of the hardest things I have had to do. Throwing up daily until the day he was born, gaining unwanted weight, losing sleep, feeling fatigued all day long, and ultimately major surgery to remove him from my body; all part of having a child, but seem so unfair when you know your child will ultimately pass away. I can honestly say, without a doubt in my mind, THAT was the easy road. I do not question myself, I do not struggle with the “what ifs”, I do not beat myself up nightly for killing my child, I do not have one single regret where the life of Thomas is concerned and for that I’m grateful. If Dr. Sherman would have said to me, “you will likely die if you choose to carry this baby”, I DO NOT know how I would have handled myself. I have a son here that needs me, I have a husband here that needs me, I have many reasons to live; how does a woman make that decision? Many Christians would say, “rely on God and allow His will to be done”, that’s very easy to say when you’re not sitting in the hot seat; I am a Christian, but I am also well aware that things are not always so black and white. I no longer live for ME, I have people that count on me day in and day out that need me; had I been faced with that, I don’t really want to know how I would have handled myself. That is the only “grey” area of abortion for me, and area that I pray I never have to encounter, outside of that; there are other options available.

I know women that have had abortions. I know their hearts. I know they do have regrets and they have beaten themselves up for years because of a choice they made so long ago. I also know they are GOOD women, good women that made a terrible choice. So many girls / women don’t realize they have other options. They might think that carrying a baby that’s the result of something as traumatic as a rape is too hard. They can’t see that this is a decision they must live with forever and answer for on judgment day. We are blessed enough to serve a forgiving God and He can see our hearts. I would venture to say simply asking God for forgiveness doesn’t offer instant peace in our own hearts and minds. Take a girl, scared to death, doesn’t know that there are other options, doesn’t realize how quickly the rest of her pregnancy will pass and she can place her child up for adoption so that child can be a blessing and grow up to make their parents proud one day, and just wants a quick fix to this situation she finds herself in; a sign that reads, “Good Women Have Abortions” could easily be that extra little shove she needs to make that life altering horrific decision. If they insist on this particular sign, maybe it should read, “Good Women Have Abortions, now brace yourself because you’re embarking on the worst nightmare of your life”, maybe then I wouldn’t feel as offended as I do now because the sign would be accurate! Yes, even good women have abortions, but I guarantee those good women would NOT be spokes people/advocates for the Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion movement. Every decision we make comes with consequences and I do not think less of those that have seen this as their ONLY option when, in fact, there were other options. We all have times in our lives where we’re lost and confused; I have an issue with this sign because it is a bully. This sign targets the weak and hopeless all for the almighty dollar. Sick!

This clinic has not always been well known for performing abortions, even though that’s always been their line of work, they go by the name “Whole Woman’s Health of Beaumont”; very deceiving if you ask me. Their website is and you will find this at the top, “Whole Woman’s Health. Changing the World, One Woman at a Time.” Nice, huh?! Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy and the way he does that is through manipulation and pure deception.

The address of this clinic is:
440 N. 18th Street Suite A
Beaumont, Texas 77707

I’m not giving out this information so that you will go egg or paintball their establishment and I’m certainly not giving it out so people will give them any positive feedback or, God forbid, business. I want people to be aware of this location because it might be an area of conviction for you and you might just pray over this place and each person that enters it, even their employees.


  1. Holly, I am beyond happy and thrilled for the entire Bush family. I wish you much happiness and good health. Be well and be happy.
    Harriet Sudduth
    St Louis, Mo.

  2. That sign makes me sick. You are right in that it could be just the push a woman needs and they know it. Yes, good women do have abortions. Good women make bad choices. But this choice is one that will scar you for life.

  3. It's me again. The lurker that's deciding to comment.

    Your post hit me hard. I've been in that "hot seat" of the gray area you write about. I sat on an exam table across from my cardiologist at 6 weeks pregnant with my wonderful3-year-old Tobin. He looked me straight in the eye and told me that delivering my son could kill me. My heart was weak and if it were to get any weaker, I would need a pacemaker! Without the medication he wanted to prescribe, my heart would probably get weaker. I had already made my decision after the nurse told me I needed to abort the day before. I told the cardiologist I wasn't going to abort. Hearing a doctor incredulously exclaim "You could die" after you expressed a refusal to abort can create a little anxiety.

    It is hard, to face your own mortality. It changes you and for me it brought me to Christ. I was a pagan at the time and couldn't bring myself to abort my child. My pagan friends called me selfish for risking my life while I had two healthy sons at home. The only people that supported my decision to carry my son were my few Christian friends.

    Well, through the pregnancy my heart function improved. The delivery that my cardiologist said could kill me did no damage at all to my heart. Today my heart is healthy and I'm eagerly awaiting my rainbow after my three miscarriages. I'm 30 weeks on Sunday.

    I understand the gray area you speak of all too well. I admit, during the lowest moment of my life, I considered abortion. I imagined laying down on the table pregnant and walking out alone. My heart broke in that moment and I knew I couldn't abort. Being in the gray area is a tough place to be, thankfully I found it easy and my Tobin is an amazing blessing. I get it though. I understand how some would make a different decision. I just value the lives of my children more than my own. If my last act on Earth was to give my child life, I would die a happy woman.

  4. I decided I was going to get on and check all the blogs I follow tonight and I was so shocked when I saw your heading. I have been following your journey for awhile now and think you are an awesome, outstanding women of God!!! I have been through nothing compared to your journey, but my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and have had surgeries and we are now doing some fertility options. I struggle with issues of being angry and frustrated and you have really helped me through reading your blog. The reason I found your title surprising is because this very week I was doing labwork for my fertility testing and saw this very signand it made me outraged and very sad!! Thank you for letting us read your whole journey, but this posting is my exact feelings!!! Congratulations on the pregnancy!! I will be praying for you :) thanks again and I wanted you to know I look up to you!!

  5. it's saying that a person having the abortion is not a bad person. (short version of the story)my friend she was sick when she was pregnant and didn't know why. she went to the doctor and she said if you don't abort your child will die and you will die as well. don't be so simple minded.

    1. For you, who chose to remain anonymous, did you actually READ this post or simply scan over it?? I specifically addressed a situation exactly like what your friend went through and I said I do not know how I would deal with that!!!!! I am not a simple minded person, matter of fact, I'm extremely open minded and love people right where they stand. My heart aches for women that choose abortion, or that feel forced into such, because I have people very close to me that have made that decision and have had to live with it the rest of their lives. Anyhow, please READ things before posting in haste and calling names.