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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

04-20-11 / Photo Frenzy….

04-20-11 / Photo Frenzy….

I’ve been bragging on my friends left and right lately but here I go again! We spent last Wednesday evening at the beach with my good friend Casey, she’s an amazing photographer that offered to capture some of our moments with Thomas. She, along with another photographer friend of mine, will be there the day Thomas is born to capture as many angels of his life as they possibly can. She wanted to capture a scene that portrayed a family and their “day at the beach”. I was quite nervous about these pictures because I’m not one of those people that look amazing in candid photos, I’m the type of person that only looks good if I’m smiling just right and tilting my head slightly to the left! She did an amazing job capturing my family’s “day at the beach”. Her photos are breath taking and I want to share her website with all of you. Please visit to view all of our pictures; make sure your volume is turned up when you view the slideshow!
When we first found out we were pregnant I started contemplating whether or not we would do maternity pictures. As the weeks progressed and I began getting bigger faster than I did with Aaden, I quickly decided against maternity pictures! My argument was that I would have tons of pictures from birth on that it wasn’t important to photograph myself in my worst physical state! As soon as we found out the unimaginable and unchangeable fate of our son I decided I wanted maternity pictures, even if I do feel fat and ugly. Casey and I started chatting about these pictures a few months ago and finally came up with a date that worked for both of us; we were also lucky enough to get Kamryn for the day so she could be in them with us. It was important to me that Thomas’s entire family be in these pictures. I am so very thankful for the friends I have, I know I’ve said it many times over, but I really am!  

Thank you Casey for capturing these moments for us! I will always cherish these pictures! I don’t know if you will ever know how much they mean to me!


  1. You are beautiful, God's vessel to carry precious life. (really though I'll send some of my preg pics to make you feel better:)

    I'm praying for you sister ~Jamie

  2. Thank you so much Jamie! I have never understood those women that say they feel so beautiful when they're pregnant!!

    Thank you for the prayers, we need them now more than ever!